"A Secret" - Why this movie was made
After my father had been in coma for a month, due to a stroke, me and my family watched over him as he took his last breath.
Trying to comfort my family I uttered the words "he will always be with us."
This made me wonder, what do we really mean when we say this?
And is it possible to show what you mean through a film and in that way bring comfort to those in need.
"A Secret" has been used by hospitals to help families dealing with grief.

A grieving family says their final goodbyes to their seven year old son at his death bed. As the boy passes away, his little sister sees what nobody else can see.
This film has a purpose. It is to bring hope and comfort to all of those who has lost a loved one. Regardless of religion, believes, race and origin.
Multi award winning sci-fi short film “REDEEM The Beginning” came from wanting to make a film about a female hero that people felt authentic and true. With the focus on making REDEEM an International feature film it has become a much-anticipated project that landed a film deal to be developed into a feature.

A brutal revenge story in a dystopian world.
In a weak and ruling society, not far from today's world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered.
The brutal murder of her becomes a turning point when she is given a second chance to redeem her honor and cold-blooded revenge the perpetrators who took her life.